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1st Norwegian Computer Aided Molecular Design (NorCAMD) Community Event: 
Official Launch and Introductory Seminar on

9. June 2021, 09:00 - 11:00

(You can watch the recording of the seminar here)


Please register here.

A short survey is part of the registration.

We need your feedback to help us shape the community!

You will receive the link to the on-line event by mail before the event.

What is the NorCAMD Community?

The NorCAMD Community aims to bring together individuals and organizations in Norway which have an interest in accessing and applying modelling and simulation techniques to help solve scientific challenges, especially in the fields of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences.

NorCAMD is born as the initiative of several academic and industrial actors with The Life Science Cluster (TLSC) as the facilitator.


The founding team consists of:

  • Thibaud Freyd, PhD, Managing Director, Freyd Consulting, TLSC member

  • M. Naci Akkøk, PhD, CEO, In Virtualis, Assoc. Prof. UiO/Ifi, and Assoc. Prof. OsloMet, Engineering, TLSC member

  • Richard Norman, PhD, Managing Director, Norman Consulting, BioExcel partner

  • Prof. Tron Vidar Hansen, Head of Section, Department of Pharmacy, Section for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UiO


The goals, the vision

  1. Build an active community for everybody with an interest in Molecular Modelling (MM)

  2. Increase the awareness and the use of MM techniques in Norway, and to increase collaboration at the international level


To reach these goals we plan:

  • To develop local competencies through formal and informal events such as meetups, seminars, workshops, training sessions and forums both nationally and internationally

  • To function as support for the community by the community

  • To provide access to relevant resources such as BioExcel, HPC/GPU resources and IPU resources

  • To be a hub for innovation through sharing of information regarding research, funding etc., and to help facilitate academia-industry collaboration


09.00 – 09.10: Welcome & introduction

by Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO, The Life Science Cluster (Profile)
and Dr. Thibaud Freyd, Managing Director, Freyd Consulting (LinkedIn)


09.10 – 09.30: Keynote. What is Molecular Dynamics? What is the future of Molecular Dynamics?

by Professor Michele Cascella, Hylleraas Center for Quantum Molecular Sciences – SFF, Department of Chemistry, UiO (Profile)

09.30 – 09.50: BioExcel toolbox: advanced applications for molecular modelling simulations 

by Dr. Richard Norman, Managing Director, Norman Consulting (LinkedIn) and partner in BioExcel (European Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research), and Dr. Rossen Apostolov, BioExcel Coordinator, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (LinkedIn)


09.50 – 10.30: Example projects

  • Projects from NCMM
    by Assoc. Prof. Nicolina Sekulic, Faculty of Medicine, UiO, Group leader, Structural Biology and Chromatin, Norwegian Centre for Molecular Medicine (NCMM), (ProfileLinkedIn)

  • Molecular modeling to aid tailored combinatorial protein engineering
    by Dr. Geir Åge Løset, CEO, Nextera (LinkedIn)

  • Predicting formation of immune responses following vaccination in a diverse population
    by Dr. Gunnveig Grødeland, Research Scientist, Department of Immunology, UiO (Profile) (LinkedIn)

  • AI for deciphering the human immune repertoire language
    by Assoc. Prof. Victor Greiff, Department of Immunology, UiO, and Principal Investigator, (GreiffLab) (Profile) (LinkedIn)


10.30 – 11.00Fishbowl discussion, the future of the community (or society?) & summary 

moderated by Dr. M. Naci Akkøk (LinkedIn), CEO, In-Virtualis (Website), Assoc. Prof. UiO/Ifi (Profile), & Assoc. Prof. OsloMet, Engineering (Profile)

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