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Sinan Tandogan Presenting.jpeg

Dr. Sinan Tandogan

Planning and EU advisor, international liason

BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, PhD in Science & Technology Policies. Former manager of entreprenuership and SME programs, board member on several EU projects, and expert in EU Framework & Horizon evaluation cycles. Extensive experience on research commercialisation. Strong connection to international VC networks.   


Dr. M. Naci Akkøk

CSO, Co-founder & Board Chair

Leading towards the unique vision based on passion, hard knowledge and long experience.

Background: PhD Computer Science, MS Data Science (Applied Statistics), MS Computer Science, BSc. Electrical Engineering w/Molecular Biology as secondary major.

Thibaud Freyd.png

Dr. Thibaud Freyd

Computer-Aided Molecular Design and Data Science Advisor

Building the ultimate, intuitive and intelligent Computer-Aided Molecular Design tool of the future. 

Background: PhD Biochemistry. Long experience in structural biology/chemistry and in data science. 

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